The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 26, 2013

Laws won’t stop killing


COVINGTON, Ind. — Editor:

After Boston, who now can argue with the common sense logic that if there were no pressure-cookers, there would be no pressure-cooker bombs?

Anyone wishing to purchase a pressure-cooker, or inherit one from their mother, should be subject to a comprehensive background check. This is the only way to keep pressure-cookers out of the hands of the mentally unstable and terrorists.

Next, Congress should outlaw any pressure-cooker larger than two-quarts because a lot more people can be killed with high-capacity pressure-cookers. It should also be illegal to transport a concealed pressure-cooker without a permit.

Congress should add to the pressure-cooker laws that if anyone gets hurt by a pressure-cooker bomb, manufacturers of pressure-cookers should be held responsible and be subject to pay for damages.

I realize these laws would be expensive to administer and a big inconvenience to those law-abiding citizens who only want to cook, but if we can save even a single life, it would be worth it. Right?

Ridiculous, yes, but no more ridiculous than if this reasoning is applied to guns, knives, ball bats, or any number of items that can be made to be deadly.

At age 70, when I purchased my first gun ever at a retail outlet, I did not object to the background check. However, Boston has made me realize that background checks and controls do nothing to assure our safety. Besides, any decent criminal or terrorist would buy a cheap black-market gun, or steal one, rather than pay retail price.

Ron Gore

Covington Ind.