The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 26, 2013

Remember the sacrifice


DANVILLE — Editor:

I hear many sounds this weekend: sizzling meat on the grill, laughter of children, perhaps splashing in the pool at family gatherings.

Maybe the sound of snores as those that would normally work today try to catch a little extra “Z” time.

Race cars zooming around a track in Indy 250 times; the loud rhythmic whine of the high-powered engines drowns out the roar of thousands of fans in the stands.

Numerous noises — all traditional for this Memorial Day weekend will fill the air with fun and happiness.

But the most powerful sound is the soft whispery undulation of the American Flag, my American Flag, as a soothing breeze lifts it proudly.

A sound so quiet and comforting, yet it thunders at me to honor, to take a moment and say a silent, screaming “thank you” to those who served and willingly sacrificed their lives; the humble quiet of this billowing American Flag cries as it whips in the wind, cries in loud silence, telling me to remember …

Pam Johnson