The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 24, 2013

Government’s function


COVINGTON, Ind. — Editor:

Joe Donnelly of Indiana is demonstrating all that is bad about politics.

First, as a congressman, he votes the party-line for Obamacare without even knowing the contents of the bill.

Now, as a senator, he makes fruitless noise to have Obamacare taxes on Indiana produced-medical equipment repealed; of course, to protect his state-wide electability.

Associated Press reports Terre Haute, Ind., has less than $41,000 in reserves and is borrowing to pay its bills. Too bad they cannot reclaim the $6.1 million that is the annual Terre Haute share of the $30 billion budget of the Department of Energy.

What has Terre Haute gained from the 120,000 direct or contracted employees of the DOE? Well, in 2011, they did receive a $700,000 grant for traffic lights.

After 25 years, has the DOE found ways to make drilling and transporting oil safer?

Lowered the cost of electricity, heat or gasoline? And, at an average annual cost of $266 per household, what is the DOE costing your community?

Only when we return government to its basic function of protection of life, liberty and private property will we end the disgusting practices of politicians and needless government agencies.

Ron Gore

Covington Ind.