The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 23, 2013

Republicans have work to do


DANVILLE — Editor:

The GOP needs fixing before we can win again.

I would like to know what the Republican National Committee and state party are going to do to clean their own houses. In the RNC, many rules were added at the heavy hand of Ben Ginsberg. This is the same man who represented Mitt Romney in 2008 and 2012 who was later appointed by President Obama as co-chair of his Commission on Election Administration. How should Republicans feel to know that the RNC has taking actions recommended by a man rewarded by the Obama administration with a cushy appointment?

On the state level, all efforts to return party leadership to direct-election by the voters were suppressed. This means all party leadership is chosen by party insiders only. As a grassroots advocate for the Republican Party, I am deeply concerned about the impact that the events of 2012 will have on future party participation. How are we going to defeat the statist agenda when we ourselves operate within a house divided?

If you are a Republican who recognizes the failed direction our party is taking I implore you to get involved. It’s no longer adequate to maintain the status quo by simply voting Republican in an election when many of these Republicans are part of the problem. You need to get involved at the party level, tell leadership when you disagree, insist that they change their actions or step down from their position so someone else who will make the changes can lead.

Mike Ortiz