The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 1, 2013

Calling wrong right

The Commercial-News

---- — Calling wrong right


On Nov. 21, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn not only signed a bill legalizing homosexual marriage, but he stated that it was his unfinished business to help other states achieve that goal.

I am not surprised he signed the bill at the University of Chicago because for more than 30 years homosexual activists have been reaching out to our young people with their propaganda on our university campuses. Christianity has been mocked and perversion has been glorified in these institutions by liberal professors.

Now many people have been brainwashed into calling wrong right. True Christians believe the Bible is absolute truth and God’s instruction manual for life. It is clear about sexual sin. Homosexuality is a perversion. Jesus came as the payment for men’s sinfulness, but repentance is necessary.

First the Ten Commandments are removed because they bring conviction to a sinful society. Will persecution of Christians who speak out against sin be next?

Linda Jones