The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 1, 2013

Give Obama credit

The Commercial-News

---- — Give Obama credit


The idea of everyone respecting you from a positive position is not possible. As for President Obama, if he raises a hand to help the poor they call him either a socialist or a racist in so much as they equate poor to being black.

Why are Democrats jumping ship? Don’t they know these waters are full of sharks and crocodiles? What madness will these white-hearted servants of the people come up with next?

Has not the debt been cut, the stock markets setting new records? Are not the people of America now are closer to having the same health care as the rest of the free world?

When in Europe, I had two occasions to visit a health clinic. I was not asked my age, race, mothers maiden name or insurance card. All they asked was what ails you. There was an option to donate if you are able but no more.

There are too many lives cut short because one does not have health care in America. Is this the American creed or some whose hearts are full of greed and mean aggression to take down America? I believe this is what is called treason.

Lenard T. Leavell