The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 8, 2013

Suckers once again?


DANVILLE — Editor:

Congress has again stooped to letting “gangs” concoct in secret a major law, and is now rushing to enact it before the American people can learn of and react to its impact. Such process abuse is needed because, as with ObamaCare, the more one learns about this law, the worse it looks.

This 844-page behemoth, presented as “comprehensive immigration reform,” rewards illegals for jumping the line ahead of the many, many millions worldwide patiently awaiting legal entry. Among additional defects, it depresses wages, makes it tougher to lower unemployment, and dramatically and permanently increases the load on our social safety net programs.

It dangles border control at some vague future point, but immediately ensures eventual mass amnesty for more than 11 million illegal aliens.

The ballyhooed “triggers” to ensure border security before pathway to citizenship kicks in are a sham, easily defeated by administrative foot-dragging. But the goodies for illegals will in time predictably be expanded even further, through presidentially directed administrative policy, Supreme Court decisions or subsequent law.

This deception will thus end up simply a much bigger replay of the 1986 law, which never delivered its promised secure borders, but which did grant amnesty to the then 3 million illegal aliens. Such “reform” is far worse than none.

In the 26 years since 1986 we’ve never gotten even close to effective border control, and this latest so-called “reform” has no real intent or teeth to provide it, either. Our elected representatives once again seek to play us for suckers.

Lynn McLinden