The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 17, 2013

Deficits of video poker


DANVILLE — Editor:

Congratulations, Vermilion County! I was so happy to read about the benefits of video poker in the Feb. 10 edition edition of the Commercial-News. An astonishing $100,000 net terminal income in just two months from only five of the licensed 13 establishments in the county.

Why, I can imagine where people had an extra $100,000 lying around waiting to see how they could invest it back in the community during the holiday season.

Lucky for us the gravy train came along when it did so we can turn those hard-earned dollars around in our community. Wouldn’t it be great to do an economic impact study to figure out where this money is coming from and how these dollars are multiplying?

How about a social impact study? Where do you think, mind you in less than half of the licensed businesses, $100,000 came from? Mostly from children’s hungry mouths, from family’s unpaid rent or mortgage bills, and from general neglect of other obligations or lack of honest investment.

Benefits of video poker? What a joke. I only hope the establishments and cities who have chosen to go this route are decent enough to give some of this windfall to local non-profit and educational systems to help undo the damage brought on by this small-scale gaming scheme.

I can’t wait until the gambling boat proponents break down the stronghold and a boat lands in our county. Just think how much new money will amazingly find its way into our great city.

Laura Williams