The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 3, 2013

Where do we go next?


DANVILLE — Editor:

Our country is engaged in an epochal struggle for its future. Day-by-day reporting of political maneuvering easily distracts us from the big picture.

Here’s what I see: The only real way to begin turning around our deepening, collective financial disaster is to grow our economy better. This has many snowballing benefits, including: more jobs, resulting in greater tax revenues even at the now Obama/Bush rates; and reduced social welfare payments, resulting in moderately lower government spending.

It doesn’t, however, address the looming long-term entitlement train wrecks in Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, which President Obama and his Democratic Party refuse to reform, nor does it address the increasing squeeze on our national medical delivery system which ObamaCare will cause, despite happy talk to the contrary.

So, huge areas of critical concern remain, but significantly improved GDP growth rates will at least provide the foundation allowing the country to begin the turnaround process. The central question, then, is how the economy can be grown most effectively and quickly.

Two basic approaches exist: ever more government spending and presence throughout our economy; or returning to reliance on the "animal spirits" of entrepreneurial capitalism in the private sector.

The last three decades provide us with actual case study data illustrating and contrasting the efficacy of each approach. Objective examination of this recent experience points clearly to the better choice. Which of these basic alternatives dominates going forward will determine the fate of the America we know but are now rapidly losing.

Lynn McLinden