The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 16, 2013

Neighbors appreciate drainage work done well


DANVILLE — Living in the Lake Boulevard sub-division, you can always be sure of a couple of things: great neighbors, quiet surroundings and the risk of flooding during any rain event.

Several years ago, I put my toe in the water and decided to see what was keeping the drainage issue from being resolved in our area and what it would take to fix the problem.

I contacted Joe Gleisner, PE of Gleisner Engineering. Joe was the key to figuring out where the water was coming from and engineering the plan to properly tile the water to Lake Vermilion.

Joe designed the plan, proposed it to Newell Township Supervisor Jim Wilson and Township Road Commissioner Tom Golden. The plan was then approved by the Newell Township Board and the job was put out for public bidding.

Central Illinois Tile was the low bidder on the project and began in mid-November of 2012.

The storm drain starts at West Lake Boulevard and is extended roughly five blocks to Lake Vermilion.

It was placed in the middle of Cornell Avenue. There are manholes and catch basins along the drain system that carry the storm water to a shed area on the north banks of the lake.

Though the project took several years to become a reality, it has been executed with near perfection.

The road was resurfaced recently by Danial Ribbe of Ribbe Trucking, and the job is almost complete.

On behalf of myself and my neighbors, I want to thank Jim Wilson, Joe Gleisner, Tom Golden and his men, Central Illinois Tile and their crews, Ribbe Trucking and their crew and the city of Danville, for their cooperation with the township.

This project involved many aspects, private contractors, engineering and the commitment by the township to resolve an issue that has been an ongoing problem for many years.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Tyke Askins resides in Danville.