The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 6, 2013

Not the advertisers’ fault


CHATHAM — Editor:

RE: “Wake Up, Black Community” by Eugene Thompson: It is well-known advertisers seek a target market and/or demographic to push products. Coors, or any other brewing company, is no different. It is cynical to criticize any company for trying to make a profit. It is laughable to make this a race issue.

Thompson claims it is documented black people tend to consume more alcohol as they age. Why is it Coors’ responsibility to concern itself with the increase of the consumption of alcohol? Why do organized groups such as the NAACP, black pastors or leaders in the Danville community need to make this issue their priority? You can’t go crying to someone else to solve a problem you see as unjust all the time.

I do not think color seems to be a reason one can rely on to determine alcohol dependencies. It seems as though this is an issue to be dealt with at home. It is about the parents being involved in their kids’ lives and giving them the best opportunities to make the right choice as it relates to not only alcohol, but drugs, teen sex and the like.

There are many stereotypes that say black people favor Old English malt liquor instead of Heineken, and perhaps white people prefer Budweiser over St. Ides. You can decide whether or not these stereotypes are true. Regardless, people drink what they drink based on their culture, friendships and tastes, more than an ad they see on the billboard or the television.

Chad Hawkins