The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 23, 2013

Help C.A.R.A. find homes


DANVILLE — Editor:

C.A.R.A — Citizens for Animal Rescue and Adoption — is the local no-kill animal shelter in Tilton.

Every Sunday, as a volunteer, I take care of many of their cats. I’d like to introduce readers to some of the cats looking for a home.

Spot and Splat are two cats that have been together since birth. They love to play with other cats and sleep in a box. Celia, a tabby cat, gets along with other cats, but prefers to sit in a window or sleep on paper.

Willie, a long-haired, orange cat, is an easy going cat that gets along well with other cats. He’s also very neat. Angela is a friendly calico toward people, but would be better as an only cat.

If you like playful cats, Ryan, an orange cat, would be perfect for you. He loves to play with toys, but likes to be held, too. If you prefer a quiet cat, Black Diamond is the right cat for you. He gets along with other cats and loves kittens.

Lily and Willie, a tabby and white brother and sister, need to be adopted together. Once they were separated, and Lily was so depressed she got sick and wouldn’t eat. They get along well with other cats.

These are only a few cats C.A.R.A. has up for adoption. C.A.R.A. gets its cats and dogs spayed and neutered before they go home.

With so many sweet cats — and dogs — C.A.R.A. could always use volunteers and/or donations even if you can’t  adopt.

Colleen Daniels