The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 23, 2013

County board is unfair


DANVILLE — Editor:

Gary Weinard and Vermilion County Board members have decided to take money out of the pockets of probation officers and other courthouse employees, employees who make little in salary, especially when compared to comparable counties doing the same job.

Every contract it seems to be the same song and dance. We do’t have the money. We don’t have the money. But more and more it feels like they are saying, “We don’t value you. We just don’t value you and the education you have and the job you do. So much so that we are going to offer you a raise.”

The county offers employees a raise but takes away the two things employees have valued more: personal days and the ability to save them and cash them in at the end of the year. This serves as a little bonus most of us put away every year to buy holiday gifts.

The county also wants to take away employee longevity, a little bonus for being a loyal employee for a certain number of years.

It seems the county board in all its wisdom hasn’t quite figured out if its employees are worth health coverage. The board and its members should be ashamed of themselves to even think these proposed changes to the employees’ contract are reasonable.

The chairman should look at his own salary and then mine and what he and others are proposing to take away from me and then a long look In the mirror. I wonder if he will …

Vance B. Innes