The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 20, 2012

Animals deserve good care


DANVILLE — Editor:

We humans know we were put here on Earth for a reason. We were given brains to think for ourselves and to make choices. For animals, it’s not quite the same. The animals I want to talk about today are the unfortunate animals in our animal shelter. I went to the city council meeting Sept. 25. After listening and even after getting to speak, I came away with the feeling nothing would change in the treatment of the animals taken to our Humane Society.

If there is a benefit of merging the Humane Society and the Vermilion County Animal Shelter, then so be it. By benefit, I mean humane care of each and every animal.

Another concern I have is that many people don't think it through very well when adopting or buying a pet. Some have a twisted idea of what the word "care" actually means. They leave their pets chained outside and others take their pets with them in the car and leave them while they run errands in very hot temperatures. Just feeding your pet is not giving them good care. They need love and attention.

I would like to urge anyone who is are not able to keep their pet to please ask neighbors, friends or relatives if they would be able to take the animal. Use the animal shelter or our “humane” society as an absolute last resort. There is another group of kind individuals who take in animals, called the C.A.R.A. project. They do not euthanize animals. I urge you to please, try these things first.

Shirley Miller