The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 25, 2013

Let Rush speak


WILLIAMSPORT, Ind. — Editor:

Recently one of your regular liberal contributors wrote that Rush Limbaugh should be dumped and Fox News silenced. Let me say, Mr. Liberal, the same First Amendment that allows you to voice your opinion also gives that right to conservatives.

You call Rush a liar, so let’s look at President Obama. He said that Obamacare would make health care better and cheaper — a lie. He said no new taxes for the lower and middle class — a lie.

He said, "40 percent of firearms are sold without background checks — a lie. He said, "I won’t take your guns" — a lie. How about Bengazi — lies and more lies.

The letter claims Rush is uneducated. I tell you, I know a lot of educated idiots.

I don’t know how you liberals get off thinking that yours is the only opinion or that you are always right. Obama also is a hipocrite. He won the election on the platform of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Then he, being one of the top 1 percent, paid 18 percent taxes.

How long do you think the working people can support the whole country? We are headed for disaster as a nation.

Ken Pavlick

Williamsport, Ind.