The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 11, 2013

Slow to awaken


---- — Editor:

America is being rapidly, profoundly transformed.

Obama’s leadership is undermining the American dream: opportunity, a good job, self-advancement, prosperity, hope, optimism. Obama’s leadership is promoting widespread uncertainty, anxiety, envy, anger, divisions, dependency, resignation. Obama’s leadership is diminishing America’s long-standing position as the world’s most successful, influential, powerful nation.

How can this be?

Obama presented himself to America as a transcending figure, to lift our politics above the usual partisan fighting and gridlock. Obama presented himself to America as a redemptive figure, to prove to ourselves that America has finally atoned for its original sin of slavery. Obama presented himself to America as both a blank slate, on which to project our individual hopes and aspirations, and a transformative figure, to lead us toward those utopias present in so many of our hearts.

What has gone so very wrong?

Obama is succeeding in transforming America, just not toward our individual visions or any consensus vision, but rather toward his own — his! — vision. His vision was telegraphed in 2008, it was plainly evident by 2012, and still we elected him — twice. Obama is demonstrating, now on the world’s largest stage, his mastery of “community organizer” Alinsky techniques, in service to his radical liberal agenda.

He is keeping us off-balance, anxious, fearful, divided and feeling increasingly helpless, the better to move us nearer his vision for us and our country. Obama continues steadily transforming America, as we continue immersing ourselves in superficialities, celebrities, self-interest, avoidance and passivity.

We are tragically slow to awaken.

Lynn McLinden