The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 29, 2013

Money misspent on arms

The Commercial-News

---- — Editor:

As the poor get poorer, our president engages himself in the concept of by saying the middle class America will recover. People working over 40 hours a week are still not able to have a home. Our Republican countrymen propagate the way to save America is by sacrificing the poor and our senior fathers and mothers along with America most precious, our children. For what other than to keep their rich pockets full?

The idea that America can be secure through military might was found to be false. Rather than educating and feeding the American people, our tax dollars are spent on drones, military armaments and building foreign governments, which only bring more hatred toward the American people.

How can America move ahead into the 21st century with a 16th century mindset in Congress?

Already the right to vote is being taken away from many. Since the advent of the Obama administration, racism and bigotry have increased substantially, leaving a division in America not seen In a century. Our chief justice stated the Civil Rights Law is no longer needed because racism in the U.S. no longer afflicts American society. I assume he has been living in a room with no window for the past two decades and has not read the newspaper and only watched Fox News.

He is an insult to everyone who has suffered the new day slavery, which is minimum wage.

Lenard T. Leavell