The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 21, 2013

New law will save lives



Contrary to recent headlines, lead stories and popular belief, the Illinois Legislature did manage to accomplish a few important things this year.

In a bipartisan and bicameral effort, the legislature passed HB 2166, a bill which will ensure that every Illinois newborn is screened for potentially deadly heart defects via a fast, cheap and non-invasive test called pulse-oximetry.

The legislature also began to take heed of the recent House EMS Task Force Report by passing several bills designed to help put our state’s battered EMS system on a path towards sustainability.

While controversial issues such as pensions understandably get the headlines, unsung bills like these end up saving lives. The legislators and advocates who helped make progress on these critical public health priorities deserve our thanks, as will Governor Quinn if and when he signs them into law.

Lynne T. Braun

Chair, Illinois Advocacy Committee

American Heart Association & American Stroke Association