The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 19, 2013

What happened to Danville?


DANVILLE — Editor:

I’m a 74-year-old male who first left Danville in 1967. I entered the U.S. military and served for three years.

After a bad marriage, I left again, this time entering college. My ambition had always been to be a musician and after years of study I found myself being a good musician. In fact, I played professionally.

After a serious illness, I was committed to the Veterans Affairs hospital here in Danville. After release I saw an opportunity to move back to my beloved home city. To my dismay, I found a city dying, major industries no longer existed and a great percentage of population struggling to survive.

What I saw most was the human love and desire to help one another had dissipated. A city where criminal courts were backed up for months. I, myself, was robbed two times and a relative invaded my checkbook and closed both bank accounts due to fraud.

During my VA hospital stay, the Department of Human Services closed my food assistance and health benefits. This month, they deducted more than $200 from my Social Security benefits and cut my food stamp benefits by almost $70. Such a welcome to one who had worked for 50 years, and served both home and nation.

Danville is faced with a bitter crises of no work. The only way this city will survive is people helping one another, not slandering, deception or lies destroying God’s mercy.

Lenard T. Leavell