The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 10, 2013

Did sidewalks disappear?


DANVILLE — Editor:

I have noticed that pedestrians have ceased using our city sidewalks, at an alarming rate. They prefer strolling in the center of the roadway.

Pedestrians do not move out of the way for the vehicles, they just saunter, and there is no definite stride to their wondering. “The vehicle will go around.” Or “they have brakes,” is the current mentality.

Pedestrians are brazen and arrogant, giving drivers a dirty look; when the drivers blare the horn — Get out of the street!

I do realize the Danville sidewalks are decaying in some areas of town, but they are still functioning and should be utilized.

I recognize that in our economy, feet have become a mode of transpiration; however feet belong on the sidewalk, not in the roadways.

People my age were taught, don’t play or walk in the street; look both ways before crossing. Did my generation neglect to convey this incredibly valuable knowledge to their children?

I also was under the assumption that pedestrians had laws to obey. I have broached this issue with the Danville Police on several occasions, and was assured something would be done about the epidemic.

I have yet to read about a pedestrian cited for this.

Drivers rush to and fro, with an untold number of distractions. Knowing this is the case for most drivers, please realize that it only takes one second of distraction to hit a pedestrian. Pedestrians beware, motor vehicles pack a punch at any speed.

Mary Albeanese