The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 28, 2013

Mervis deserves honor


DANVILLE — Editor:

I was unaware of Sybil Mervis being nominated for First Citizen of Danville. I am extremely grateful for the AMBUCS selecting Mrs. Mervis as recipient.

I agree with the nomination. Let me tell you why. Mrs. Mervis taught me English at Westville Township High School, some time back.

In May 2012, I had a complete shoulder replacement, was in hospital several days, and it was quite painful. Let me tell you where Sybil Mervis fits into this.

My first venture out alone was grocery shopping at our local County Market. As I was standing in line with a shoulder sling on, I was trying to load my grocery items.

Out of nowhere, came Mrs. Mervis, putting my grocery items in my cart and then walking with my cart and placing the items in my car. She, of course, did not know me. She was my teacher many years ago and our paths have not crossed since that time. She saw I needed help, and there she was. She took charge, loaded items in my cart, I paid the bill and away we went to load them in my car.

Even though I had a few items, I was totally appreciative of her kindness and her thoughtfulness to a stranger. She saw that I was struggling. I might add I could have done it, not just as fast as I typically do.

For this simple gesture, I am eternally grateful to her, and once again she was teaching me after all these years. Thank you, Mrs. Mervis.

Carol Butler