The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 24, 2013

Rehab the Bresee


ST. LOUIS — Editor:

I’m so glad the interesting little article in the Jan. 20 Commercial-News did not refer to the “Bresee Tower” — a name that can only memorialize a 12-story failure of concept, care and continuity.

But the article also should remind everyone in Danville that “The Skyscraper” won’t wait much longer for rescue. And if it does finally submit to the bulldozer, the one single thing that distinguishes “our” town (yours and mine) from most of the others in this part of Illinois/Indiana will be nothing but memories like those in Don Richter’s column.

However, I really think that “if you “re-build it, they/we will come.” I know I would. Offer me a new apartment say on the 10th floor or above, and I’ll sell my place in St. Louis the day you hand me the “key” to my return to Danville!

Nade Peters

St. Louis, Mo.