The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 12, 2012

Support Humane Society



Recently our family adopted two kittens from the Humane Society of Danville. We had visited the shelter a week earlier and fell in love with a 3-week-old kitten found in a Dumpster and an 8-week-old kitten that was abandoned and sick. We couldn’t decide between them, so we adopted both.

We wish to take this opportunity to publicly commend the staff at the shelter, Pat Miller and Blayne Brazelton for the amazing job they do finding homes and for their loving compassion for the animals in their care. They made sure that the sick kitten was seen by their veterinarian and put on antibiotics. The 3-week-old kitten was in their special care area and carefully monitored.

In the week between our initial visit and our pet adoption, the staff kept us updated by phone on the condition of the kittens and the vet report.

On adoption day, we spent three hours at the shelter and saw first-hand how animals were petted, held, walked, cleaned, and made to feel comfortable. As an adoptive family, we were made to feel extremely welcome. All of our questions and concerns were answered with professionalism and compassion.

The Humane Society is conducting a fundraiser in hopes of purchasing 30 beds by Christmas Eve for the dogs in their care. We urge all animal lovers to consider making a donation to help meet this goal. Also, all of the money made from the adjoining thrift shop goes to help the animals. Visit! Donate!

Dan, Kathy and Karen Hughes