The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 5, 2013

Both sides to blame



In recent letter by Harsha Gurujal, I read more of the same tired talking points I’ve heard for years. I counted eight times the Republicans were blamed for our country’s predicament. One paragraph began “No offense to Republicans …” and then proceeded to offend them several times. Also, it was implied that Republicans are enemies of African-Americans and “the 47 percent.”

It’s time citizens of the “United” States understand we have a serious financial problem that has grown exponentially the last 12 years during administrations of both a Republican and Democratic president and Congress.

These politicians have vastly different prescriptions for solving this problem, but they cannot deny shared responsibility for creating it. The time for finger-pointing and blame is over; nothing good is accomplished by name-calling. We have to choose to quit being selfish and ALL share in the sacrifice necessary to get our house in order or leave this burden to our children and grandchildren for generations to come! It is immoral to pick scapegoats to punish for our current dilemma.

Quit listening to media and party hacks. Hold Congress and the president accountable. They were elected to make tough decisions. They must represent the people’s interest, not those of special interests or their own.

I owe no allegiance to either the Republican or Democrat party. I am capable of thoughts and opinions independent of those some bureaucrat tells me I should have.

Rick Balsamello