The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 21, 2014

Any slur should prompt protest

The Commercial-News

---- — Any slur should prompt protest


I have been listening to the news media giving it to the coach Don Sterling. I want to know why everyone “goes to the mattress” when there is an ethnic slur — and well they should — but why when the government a few years back told the Post Office it couldn’t display “Merry Christmas” or we couldn’t put up manger scenes or the 10 Commandments, there was no outrage? Where were all the Christians when we should have been calling for our rights?

Years ago, my children were small and “Yertle the Turtle” was a book by Dr. Seuss. The last words I can remember were: “Remember, we, too, at the bottom also have rights!”

I think we Christians better start standing up for our rights before we don’t have any. I don’t see much difference in the slurs against a race as a slur against the Lord. What am I missing?

Wilmetta Feezor