The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 20, 2014

Son does well at Liberty

The Commercial-News

---- — Editor:

My son, Nathaniel, attends school at Liberty Elementary School. He has been there for two years now. He came to Liberty in second grade after kindergarten in East Park and first grade at Edison. He is now in the fourth quarter of third grade.

I was very nervous about my child going to Liberty. It is an open classroom atmosphere, and I knew for my son that this would be a challenge. I agonized over this change and knew that all the new teachers, students, and building would be hard enough of a challenge for him.

Much to my wondrous surprise, my son has flourished at Liberty Elementary School. Mrs. Schackmann, his second-grade teacher who truly took him under her wing; Mrs. Vandiver, the social worker; Mrs. Talbott, Resource teacher who believes in him; Mrs. Porter, physical education teacher; Mrs. Marshall, secretary; Miss Brooks, the former principal; and Mr. Davis, music teacher, all have made my son want to attend school every day. He had never felt like this before Liberty.

This year in third grade, my son’s happiness and love for school has continued to grow thanks to Mrs. Legg, third grade teacher, and the continuing support of the aforementioned staff members and countless others. He has truly found a school that not only accepts him but truly understands him.

Thank you, Liberty Elementary School.

Julie Zabelka