The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 18, 2014

Fight the proposed coal mine

The Commercial-News

---- — Fight the proposed coal mine


In a single issue of St. Joseph’s The Leader, dated March 5, one can find four events listed that testify to our love of the natural world: a bird walk, a lecture on freshwater mussels, a pre-K event at Homer Lake Forest Preserve and “How to become an Unplugged Outdoor Family.” These events show our local communities dearly treasure the natural world.

However, Sunrise Coal wants to move into our community and build a coal mine, and put at risk everything that we value: clean and healthy streams teeming with aquatic life, clean air that our children can breathe freely without worry about contamination or respiratory problems. Living in a community that is largely untainted by the toxic side-effects of mining and burning coal is a privilege for now, but should be a right. Ask people on the street and a majority will tell you they believe in these things, too.

Stand Up to Coal believes in these things too, and that is why we are asking you to write Gov. Quinn and ask him to alert his DNR and EPA that Vermilion County wants to stay a place where people can live, recreate, farm and work in a way that supports a healthy planet, a healthy community and healthy people. Tell Gov. Quinn to use his power to block the proposed Bulldog Mine near Homer.

Letters can be sent to Office of the Governor, 207 State House, Springfield, IL 62706. After Gov. Quinn contact Director Marc Miller, Illinois Dept. of Nat’l Resources, 217-785 0075, Email: (One Nat’l Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702)

Heather Soder