The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 24, 2013

Bible gives warnings


KINGMAN, Ind. — Editor:

President Obama has said he will back the legalizing of same-sex marriage. Why?

This lifestyle isn’t right, never has been or will be, so why legalize something that isn’t right from the start?

It isn’t right or legal for us to steal from each other, and I consider this as a matter of stealing from God.

In the Bible there are two stories, in Genesis 19:1-16 and Judges 19:15-30, and it tells about a man in each city inviting male travelers to stay at their house overnight so they don’t have to stay in the street.

In both stories, the actions of the men of the city create a dangerous situation at the door of the host because they want to know the travelers.

In the first story the travelers are two messengers from God who have to use a kind of power weapon to settle the situation down.

In the second story, the traveler’s concubine is pushed out the door and sacrificed to the men to use.

She’s found dead at the doorstep the next morning.

In Genesis, two cities are destroyed after Lot, his wife, two daughters and the messengers escape the city even though some of the family had to be left behind because they didn’t buy Lot’s warning about what was going to happen to the city.

I think there’s a warning in both stories.

Watch who you’re messing with or whose toes stepping on because the consequences can be bad. There’s also Romans 1:1-32 that has warnings.

Josephine Miller

Kingman, Ind.