The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 18, 2013

Care for military personnel


DANVILLE — Editor:

This is in relation to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s speech about cutting military benefits.

Do we as Americans really want to reduce benefits for military members and veterans before reducing entitlements for the rest of the nation? I guess it is easier to beat up on the sacrificial minority.

I am the first to beat up on the military. It is a dichotomous place: the intelligent, or at least dedicated, patriots and the destitute and perpetually underperforming. The ranks of the latter are ever increasing. However, this does not absolve them of the risks they take in defense of everyone’s freedom.

What the military is given by society is a benefit for the sacrifice of their lives. Whether they die or not is inconsequential. They have offered their lives and sacrifice greatly even when death doesn’t come for them on the battlefield. We should honor all of them with great mansions and great wealth, but more often we look upon them with indifference or even disgust.

It has been said that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, but more important you shouldn’t bite the hand that defends you. The last time this was done, the military marched on Washington, D.C. This time we won’t be so nice, and we’ll bring more guns.

If you want us to kill for you, but then you refuse to pay us fairly, then you had better be prepared for us to show you what we’ve learned in a more personal manner. Have some damn decency America!

Daniel Barker