The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 28, 2013

Don't mix in religion


DANVILLE — Editor:

We have many forums to express our opinions about numerous aspects of our community, state and country.

Personally, I choose to argue from known and widely accepted positions and understanding there are other understandings of the accepted positions. For example, in regard to theology, my position is that religion has no place in political policy. My position is, our accepted form of religious ideologies are not to be foisted upon others.

For example, citing biblical or other religious books has no bearing on another’s belief. I do not believe another’s behavior within our laws has any effect on my daily life.

I’ve been with my wife for almost 50 years and there has never been a negative effect upon us from other gay relationships.

Another wide gap between us “liberals” and my “conservative” opponents is this idea that Romney espoused about “the Takers.” Based on his philosophy, any welfare for the unfortunate, poor or any struggling group is bad unless it is the money paid in huge tax breaks to the affluent, large corporations and political projects.

If we added up the fraud in all branches of government, it still would not touch all the “taking” by the rich. There have been flawed studies that Republicans put forward to fortify their will to cut government, but it has proven to be the wrong approach by numerous European governments.

Locally, we have given numerous businesses tax breaks with the idea that it would stimulate jobs. It has not been successful in Vermillion County.

Nate Cunningham Sr.