The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 27, 2013

Parenting is the issue


DANVILLE — Editor:

So now gun control is going to be the issue? Is this really the issue that we are dealing with, or is it something else? I would argue that while tragic things like the recent horrible murders of those 26 people in Connecticut happen with guns, the guns are not the root of the issue.

What happened to parenting? Whatever happened to controlling your household and recognizing issues that could arise and getting the proper help? How could a child live with his mother and his mother have no clue that he is in possession of these types of weapons? How could you not know that your child is in the type of mental shape that he would attempt something like this?

In theory, the fewer guns that are able to be bought and sold, the less gun crime there will be, but my question is, “How so?” Gun control will only serve to make criminals out of the people that you live around.

It is an issue manifesting itself not only through shootings in schools, but educational troubles in schools, rising crime rates in our cities and the decline of American superiority in science and arithmetic.

It is the parenting! We have to take back our households. Go back to teaching morals at home. Go back to not being afraid to go in our children’s rooms and find out what is in there. Go back to the days of raising our families instead of allowing the TV and Internet to teach them what they need to know.

The struggle continues …

Eugene Thompson