The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 24, 2013

Illinois is in trouble


DANVILLE — Editor:

This state is in a serious state of affairs. The governor and Senate Majority Leader have been in a fight for several years. Both are Democrats.

After the recent elections, the governor throws a large state employees’ union under the bus.

Pension funding is about to bankrupt state. Senate and House members meet for the lame duck session does the majority party take up the most pressing issue, state debt and pension funding? No. It decides to try to destroy our Second Amendment rights, approve same-sex marriage and give illegal aliens driver’s licenses.

Our state is now only the third state in the union to allow this. Every lawmaker who voted for this will now be responsible for giving more of a reason for people to violate immigration law. We already spend countless billions of dollars on Border Patrol operations. People die crossing the border after paying the cartels, who treat the people like cattle and leave many to die stranded in the desert or in stash houses.

When these illegal immigrants get here, there are no jobs. Where will the money to save them come from?

The blood of these people and the financial death of the state rests on the Illinois Senate and House who, by passing this bill, are spitting in the face of all persons who immigrated legally.

Michael Willett