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April 7, 2013

Don’t ignore east side

DANVILLE — Editor:

The sooner the city, the mayor and any aldermen begin to not ignore the east side of Danville they better. They have ignored the area for many years while letting vacant houses sit and Section 8 landlords (slumlords) get by with their properties being destroyed and not caring what it’s doing to other neighbors or the aesthetics of the neighborhoods around them.

It’s almost as if they think pushing the east side of Danville under the rug will make things go away. Apparently, that isn’t the case at all.

The east side of Danville would love to have new businesses that actually stay. It would love to see crime rates in that area diminish or greatly improve, and would most definitely LOVE to have new streets, specifically East Williams from North State to Oregon. There are no sidewalks for children to stand on when they’re waiting for the bus. It’s a pothole of a rollercoaster ride for sure.

Come on Danville and Mr. Mayor! The east end of Danville pays taxes, too. Look how long everyone had to put up with looking at the former East Side Tap. Then a state employee had to spray paint all around the building that it was the property of the state. What was most amusing is the “state” employee or another state employee had to go back with their can of spray and correct a typo.

Hopefully, with the next election, citizens will re-think their choices and vote in someone who realizes there are four sides to Danville.

Mary A. Parker


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