The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 3, 2013

Support Henderson


DANVILLE — Editor:

As an experienced educator for District 118, I taught at East Park Elementary School. On our staff was Lon Henderson, a fine individual who attends my church as well. He also is extremely active in our community. He and his wife, Nancy, have two sons who attended our schools and are doing well.

Lon is one of nine running for the board. My husband, Gary, served on the board so I know what these nine are facing — long hours, difficult work and agonizing decisions. Lon certainly has the experience and earnestness needed in the educational field, a plus for him. He is an individual who doesn’t give up and will put forth every effort to see that he does his part and then some on the board. He understands the value of education for a student’s future success. His rich experience in special education, both as a teacher and an administrator, has helped him glean a deeper understanding of all children’s needs.

As he works carefully with the board, Lon will be able to share his understanding of District 118 funding issues and legal responsibilities. His experience in budgeting and grant writing, along with his vast array of experience in many other educational avenues, will help him reach his goal of assisting the board in making positive decisions for the good of our children, our entire staff and our community.

I ask that you please cast your vote April 9 for Lon Henderson for a seat on the District 118 School Board.

Phyllis Rogers