The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 13, 2013

Call authorities to check


DANVILLE — Editor:

On Feb. 10 my wife and I were awaked by a loud scream of profanities followed by a loud thud.

This was at about 11:45 at night.

What happened was a house nearby had burnt in October and was being demolished by “subcontractors” for the owner.

These subcontractors had no idea what they were doing.

Common sense should have told me to call the authorities when they were working in the dark, but I wanted to see the house gone as it was an eyesore.

What the contractors did was start at the bottom and work their way up.

What they did was knock the roof and upper quarter of the house onto my fence and yard.

It missed our bedroom by about a foot.

The contractors said not to worry they would make it right.

I called the police.

The police said it wasn’t a criminal offense, but they would file and informational report.

I called the City of Danville Inspection Department. Did you know, that you do not have to be a certified contractor to demolish a house?

Not only that, but if the owner draws the permit, he can do it.

Neither the owner or the contractor is responsible for damage to adjoining properties.

Lesson learned: Raise the flag if work is being done near your property recklessly. It might cost you.

In addition, verify the permits if there is any question, seems like not permits are issued alike.

Terry Rowley