The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 2, 2013

Carey offers experience


DANVILLE — Editor:

As a teacher and educator, I support any candidate who demonstrates professionalism, dedication and passion for our children.

Mrs. Johnnie Carey exhibits all of those qualities. The education field during her 35-plus years has been more effective in my opinion because of her wisdom and experience.

I appreciate what she has brought to parents and community members by caring, nourishing and leading their children to educational excellence.

I would like to ask fellow community members to put aside the many hats they wear for work and play and think about how much school affairs would change for the best due to Johnnie’s firsthand knowledge of school agendas to help lead our school forward.

Be a part of this excitement! Get involved in supporting the upcoming school board elections in our community:

Johnnie’s endeavor is designed to put every child in a position to be successful.

She set a good example for parents, staff, administrators and students.

Throughout Johnnie’s career she had something for everyone as a teacher, administrator and director.

Johnnie will make a difference to future generations of learners because she knows the language and can address the needs of everyone.

As one of Johnnie’s peers, I hope everyone will be concerned with the issues facing our children and come out to vote April 9 for Johnnie — punch No. 2.

For information about Johnnie, visit

I look forward to working with Johnnie if elected to lead Danville schools in making history.

Gayle Koonce