The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 21, 2013

Customers look for help



I had pictures of my baby taken at the local Sears store. I paid for them, but the portrait studio closed four days after my photos were taken.

Other Sears stores in Iowa and Kansas are printing CDs for customers so at least they will have their memories they have already paid for.

Many customers of the local store have been waiting and trying to get these precious memories.

I called the national Sears number several times, and I called a Sears store in Kansas and both told me it is the store manager’s decision whether or not to give us a CD of our photos that we have paid for but will never receive. However, the local Sears store will not even try to help us.

I appeal to the Danville Sears store. Please, follow in the footsteps of Iowa and Kansas Sears store.

Please help us and print our CDs. We trusted that when we walked into Sears that we were giving our money and our patronage to Sears, there was no clue anywhere that your studio was not a Sears Portrait Studio.

Please let these other Sears stores help you get our memories for all of your customers who have been loyal and spent hundreds of dollars at your store.

The national call line told me that each store’s manager has the choice, that it is not illegal. So, please, you have our money, please print us a CD. Call the Kansas Sears and they will tell you how.

Patricia Froehling

Cissna Park