The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 17, 2013

Dump Rush Limbaugh


DANVILLE — Editor:

WDAN allows Rush Limbaugh to spew propaganda daily without any balance.

There is a small number of highly rich and influential people who allow an uninformed and uneducated man to come into their homes daily and spew vicious lies.

Some time ago, I complained about this man’s attack on a young woman because he is not intelligent enough to know how a woman’s body work. He foolishly called her a slut and no one at WDAN said a word. He is on six days a week and he spews homophobic, racist and inaccurate info every day.

I have debated with many small town people around Danville — Covington, Georgetown, Hoopeston and others — who get this vile stuff and they repeat it as if it is gospel. That is a horrible precedent to set. Where does it end?

Many of you were in shock after President Obama won because you had listened to Rush Limbaugh’s lies. Fox News is no better. I refuse to believe responsible people can simply shrug this off and say if you do not like it, do not listen.

Unfortunately, we live in this society and if we think it is all right to slander women, our president and spew lies, then we are all condemned to falsehoods. Our public schools would never teach this, our universities would not do it and our small towns should not have to be subjected to it either.

Dump Rush Limbaugh.

Nate Cunningham Sr.