The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 26, 2013

City's plants look great

The Commercial-News

---- — Editor:

The Danville Garden Club commends Mayor Scott Eisenhauer for the beautiful spectacles of plants adorning public property in strategic planned areas. Specifically, we announce that Steve Lane, Parks & Public Facilities, and Shelly Larson, Downtown Services superintendent, have performed with special handling the interventions required to enhance splendor to the Blue Star Memorial, Temple Plaza and the planters lining the corridor entrance to Danville Public Library.

The task sequence, employing depth of understanding of soil anatomy and water drainage flow, studied by Larson, has helped enhance the perennial plants’ life and enables repeated planting over a sequence of years while utilizing rotation among a variety of locations.

The Blue Star Memorial and the Temple Plaza have rich flowering carpets and dispersed beddings of impatiens displaying a variety of colors.

As you enter the Danville Public Library portico, your pace slows as the viewer gazes the glorious potted floral and vegetation arrangements lining the edges of the entrance walk. Gentle breezes encourage the perennial grass to bend about in the planter and emulate a picture of earlier tall prairie grass. English Ivy, among tiny subtle pale-yellowish flowers, climb and ripple as the breeze intermittently entices movement. A strong variegated leafy tall white caladium also weaves soothingly during the shift in air.

I invite all Danville residents and visitors to capture the astonishing and penetrating significance of the results of nature and the diligence of committed human capital employed by our gracious city.

Cheryl Towne

Danville Garden Club