The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 3, 2013

Two ships passing in the night

The Commercial-News

---- — Two ships passing in the night


I have watched this debacle of a government “Shutdown” and I am convinced that a number of very selfish men and women only see their own personal view and to hell with everyone else’s.

I blame only one side, but I do know that it takes two to tango. I do know that if you do not pay attention to the past, you are doomed to repeat your errors.

I do know if close to a million people are suddenly cast out of work, then there will be pain to bear — generally the young and indigent. I do know that if two parties start pointing fingers, nothing but frustration wins out. I do know that if you do not establish a “referee” and one solid independent entity that both sides can look to for guidance, you will fail the people who elected you.

I do know that if you get bogged down on terms or descriptive words such as democracy, republic, socialism, communism, takers, racists, greed and, of course, the love of money, only the weak and poor suffer, especially when we only target the poor with terms like “personal responsibility” but close our eyes to evils of the rich and powerful.

There those ships in the night go again, passing in the night, one suffering because of lack of grace and the other just lost and confused. Which would you choose?

Nate Cunningham Sr.