The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 26, 2013

Mine threat overstated


St. JOSEPH — Editor:

It never fails to amaze me when I read letters from locals telling how if the coal mines are allowed to operate it will be the end of the world for Vermilion County.

Apparently the writers forget that Westville, Georgetown, and Catlin had mines operating there for many years. This was during a time when there was not the technology that we have today.

If the coal mines are so terrible, why is it the Catlin, Westville, Georgetown area farm land is some of the most prized in the nation, selling at $10,000 an acre-plus?

Also I submit that probably most anti-mining people frequently use Kickapoo State Park and revere it for its abundant ecology. I forgot, Kickapoo State park was the result of a oh, my gosh! — strip mining operation.

Joe Tharp

St. Joseph