The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 22, 2013

Hearts and darts


DANVILLE — Here are some of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:

Former Ward 2 Alderwoman Lois Cooper sends hearts to family and friends for sending her approximately 40 birthday cards celebrating her 80th birthday. Her good wishes included state Sen. Michael W. Frerichs and other officials sending a gold-trimmed State of Illinois Senate recognition, and state Rep. Chad Hays and other officials sending a state House of Representatives gold-trimmed acknowledgement of Cooper’s birthday.

She also thanks those she saw at church, the grocery store and other places who extended their greetings. “It is a very meaningful time to reach this part of life and to recognize those who extend their love and respect.”

Faith in Action South sends hearts “to the Tilton Fire Department and all the firefighters who recently volunteered to perform Home Safety Checks for Tilton seniors.

“The firefighters visited 20 homes, interacting with residents and addressing their concerns. They installed carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms at no cost to the homeowners, made safety recommendations and identified and corrected hazards.

“Diana Konieczki, one of the Tilton homeowners, enjoyed her visit and said the firefighters ‘showed kindness, compassion and genuine caring. They performed the check promptly and professionally. I’m grateful for their service and feel very safe at home now.’

“Faith in Action South is an outreach ministry of Presence United Samaritans Medical Center Foundation.”

Pam Johnson of Danville sends hearts to Deanna Witzel and the folks at McDonald’s on South Gilbert Street.

“I’m legally blind and part of my eye disease is a lack of depth perception. While the new concrete work is wonderful at the restaurant, the steps looked like one long gray slate to me and it was difficult to maneuver my way down them with confidence even with my white blind cane.

“I called and explained my problem and told them all they needed to do was paint a bright yellow stripe across the edge of the steps. They did and I can now see the steps with ease.

’I’m sure there are many folks with depth-perception problems who are grateful also.”