The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 2, 2013

Residents deserve facts


— Any citizen of Georgetown who’s attended the latest council meetings knows that certain members of the council believe that their constituents do not deserve a meeting with the council about the recent sale of water to Sunrise Coal.

One alderman stated that the citizens of Georgetown are not smart enough to read the papers or ask intelligent questions. Another council person said that she was elected by the citizens to make their decisions for them.

To Alderman Johnson, who believes Georgetown citizens can’t read, I say that I can and do read papers, magazines like “Time” and the information on the Internet. Alderman Johnson should have read the same information I have, so he’d know the U.S. Homeland Security Agency released a report stating that by 2025 water will be more valuable than fossil fuels like coal and oil. It’s a matter of national security. Yet our council signed away our rights to that valuable commodity for 30 years.

Aside from the fact that we have no right to sell Indiana water to a third party, we will be selling already-treated water to wash coal. Georgetown also will be responsible for maintaining the waterline for all the years of the contract. The contract also states that Sunrise Coal will get a discounted price on the water after year 1, meaning Sunrise will be paying less for the water than Georgetown residents.

Perhaps it’s Alderman Johnson who doesn’t know how to read.

Carole Spencer