The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 14, 2013

No hope, no change


COVINGTON, Ind. — Editor:

Some of our government elite are now telling us there is no spending problem in Washington.

A recent poll of American voters say otherwise by a whopping 83 percent majority.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was interviewed about the taxing the rich issue. She was asked if that was the end of the tax deals. She smiled and said, no, we’re just starting.

Remember when President Obama said your taxes won’t go up one thin dime? We payroll taxes just went up.

Remember when he said health care costs would go down with Obamacare? Premiums and prescriptions are up.

Seniors paid into the Medicare system from every check they earned to care for them in retirement.

Medicare costs will go up and a lot of procedures to be eliminated. Many who should have retired can’t due to the spiraling health care costs and have returned to the work force.

Thanks, President Obama.

Remember when he promised to end the lobbyists, special interest groups, pork barrel perks and change Washington?

After four years, nothing.

He doesn’t care about the national debt or Washington’s spending problem. This is the same man who, when he speaks, everyone believes him.

So much waste and no accountability.

His legacy to the younger generation will be the massive debt that they will pay for.

When will this insanity end? Probably never.

Charles J. Matul

Covington, Ind.