The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 31, 2013

Nation lacks good sense


DANVILLE — Editor:

Why is it unacceptable to be meek in this country?

A low-spirited, mild-mannered man is constantly being described as strange and antisocial when he is just minding his own business.

Should a man have to learn to be outspoken and boastful to be tolerated in this society?

Peace is boredom to the wicked who shall not rest, and the meek shall inherit the earth, says the Bible.

The United States is based on the laws of the Bible, the words of God. Our society has become cowards, afraid to have gratitude for God’s grace, never believing that all you have came from somewhere other than yourself.

Life was a planned creation by God; the fool says there is no God.

The meek, well-rounded man keeps this country afloat while others try to hide their lack of intelligence behind folly every second of the day, not seeking correction and breeding with no plans of teaching the spawns of their poisonous loins moral values to become upright citizens, never to mature and turning into old fools.

Society is determined to allow those who lost their lives fighting for the freedom of peace to die in vain.

Good sense comes from heaven, so I’m not surprised to see children kill each other, nor am I sensitive to it because you allow your kids to act grown in the most sinful way and them seem stunned when they carry out the demonic rituals you’ve allowed them to learn.

This is a Christian country invaded by the weak-minded, controlled by the devil.

Louis Stacy