The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 20, 2013

Nation being torn apart


KINGMAN, Ind. — Editor:

Now the holidays are over it’s back to business as usual.

Scientists say there are black holes in space. They aren’t large but they’re very powerful. Anything like a star, planet or anything else that wanders in close enough will be pulled into orbit around them will be torn apart bit by bit and pulled or sucked in to oblivion I assume.

There are people inside and outside this nation who are working hard at tearing this nation apart. There are a lot of fraudulent takers in this nation who want to keep digging into theHere are some of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:

So what’s going to be torn completely apart and thrown into a black hole? Will it be the finances of this nation? The spiritual or religious moral values, including the mainly heterosexual lifestyle? The laws that seem to be getting weaker and aren’t really being enforced, including the immigration laws? Will it finally be the federal Constitution that I consider a God-inspired document for the running of this nation’s government?

If these groups with their personal agendas get what they are working on torn apart and thrown into that black hole, then this nation will no longer be independent and sovereign. It could be like a giant mud pile with these groups stomping around and working at rebuilding it according to their own agendas.

Josephine Miller

Kingman, Ind.