The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 29, 2013

Put an end to foreign aid

The Commercial-News

---- — Put an end to foreign aid


Recently Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said we are paying for “a war on Christianity at home and abroad.” Our tax dollars go to countries that are intolerant of Christians.

Parasites all! We have been pouring money down that “rat hole” called foreign aid for a long time. Let’s stop trying to be a big deal and come to our senses and eliminate this waste.

The day our Congress passed these so-called trade agreements is the day when all foreign aid should have been stopped. These countries got our factories/jobs, so why support them?

Whether they hate us or not, we shouldn’t be giving foreign aid to anybody. Let them hate us for free. A win-win solution. Don’t you think?

Jack McNeely