The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 18, 2013

Buy gas elsewhere


DANVILLE — Editor:

It has been no secret to me that Danville’s gas prices have consistently hovered well above our neighbors to the east and west because I travel outside of Vermilion County often.

What does surprise me, however, is that Danville natives continue to support the local petroleum retailers while paying 20 cents to 50 cents a gallon more for the convenience.

The only way that we can get the gas prices down is to buy our gas in Covington or Champaign and let the local gougers set on their supply until they have a taste of “Gas Wars.”

Our mayor will shudder with this idea that will surely cause a slower cash flow for the city through reduced taxes generated from gasoline sales within our city limits.

He states that he wants to look into why the city’s gas prices are higher than other surrounding cities, but he doesn’t offer a finding or a solution. It makes me wonder if he may be conflicted because the higher the gas prices, the more tax money for the city. Hmmmm. Every action has a reaction and consequence

You can make a difference! I urge you to save $10 on a 20-gallon fill-up and send a loud and clear message with your consumer power by purchasing your gas elsewhere.

D.G. White