The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 8, 2012

Can’t serve two masters


DANVILLE — Editor:

Our mayor should feel proud that he was elected to the Illinois Municipal league position, but we elected him first and his priority should be Danville.

If he can’t stay here and function in the job he ran for, then I’m sorry, but he needs to resign from one or the other position.

Danville has a lot going on at this time like the Kohl’s development and other construction projects and the great casino race with the governor, so he needs to concentrate his time and attention on Danville, not someplace else — and probably at the local taxpayers’ expense I might add.

How many city council meetings is he going to be absent from now? How is he going to be able to make informed decisions and votes if he’s not here? Who’s he going to talk to eye-to-eye?

Come on Mr. Mayor, you can’t serve two masters to the best of your ability. I’m sure your constituents will remember the lack of attention Danville received come election time.

Stan Lockhart