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April 17, 2014

Searching for answers

The Commercial-News

---- — Searching for answers


I’m certainly not saying the city’s firefighters don’t need or deserve an increase of funds, but I would like to better understand why. Why do they feel they need more personnel than the national average of 1.04 per 1000 population? I believe if I calculated correctly, with a population of 33,000 that equates to 34.3 firemen. I believe we have at almost 50.

It’s hard to agree with a new city fee without knowing more. It has been my experience with fees that once they are imposed they continue to increase year after year because it’s never enough. It seems like the answer to any short fall anymore is “increase” taxes.

I’ve never seen or heard any comments the firefighters response time isn’t acceptable and I would think there are many variables that could affect response time.

City council members who have relatives involved in an issue such as this should abstain from voting. Regardless of what they say, they can hardly not be biased.

Is this issue something that can or should be put on a ballot and voted on? Many people won’t step forward at a meeting because they don’t want to oppose this issue in front of firefighters and their families. Voting allows them anonymity to oppose the issue.

Sharon Clore